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Generic drugs from India. Huge range, very secure site and great prices. $10 shipping takes...
3.6 (138)
Generic Doctor is a long-established offshore pharmacy which sells non-controlled generic medicines. Use the...
4.2 (79)
Free shipping and very cheap prices on hard-to-find drugs like modafinil, soma, tramadol, xenical, sonata,...
3.7 (244)
Generic Pharmacy remains a good choice if they stock what you need. [Update May...
3.2 (74)
[Update Sep. 12 2013: They are currently charge-on-delivery only] For US customers only: This...
3.5 (28)
Sells a wide range of medicines including many controlled medicines, such as diethylpropion for...
3.6 (164)
Since 2007 this has been run by the same reputable team as behind 4rx.com....
3.9 (27)
Very cheap store with a good range of non-controlled medicines. They now have authenticated secure...
3.6 (125)

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