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Thread: I need advice on how to give Ritalin LA to my 8 year old son.?

  1. Default I need advice on how to give Ritalin LA to my 8 year old son.

    My 8 year old son has just started taking Ritalin LA. As he will not take a capsule or tablet, I have been sprinkling it on a sandwich. I have read that it should only be mixed with apple sauce and then swallowed, not chewed. Does anyone know if eating it on a sandwich (which is obviously chewed) will cause any change to its effect? Our doctor hasn't been able to offer any advice on this issue. Thanks.

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    I need advice on how to give Ritalin LA to my 8 year old son.?
  3. Personally I don't think 8 yr. olds should be taking Ritalin. They have all that energy for a reason.

  4. I am not sure if it changes the effect but you can also use pudding or a small amount of ice cream. I believe the issue is making sure the child gets the entire dose. Most doctors want you to use a small amount of food that can be placed on a spoon so you know the child has taken it all. I'd try pudding or yogurt or ice-cream if your child likes any of those foods better than applesauce.

  5. Try making your son a blended shake with small chucks of fruits, milk and Ovaltine. Before giving your son the drink place the pill inside so he cannot see it. As he swallows the shake he'll swallow the pill with out even knowing he has done so. I did this with my son when he was given Concerta. After a while I told him what I had done and he realized he can swallow the pill (without choking-that was his fear) now he takes it normally. I would just watch him, incase he finds it and tries to chew it. It will lose it's effectiveness if chewed. Good luck!!

  6. I had the same problem when I was younger and my brother is facing that issue now.
    My mom would mix it with pudding or a tiny bit of orange juice and have me swallow it that way.

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    how about you leave the kid the hell alone and take him to some emotional therapy classes

  8. Not to sure. My 8 yr old takes adderall xr so I dont know what the LA stands for. Maybe you could try contacting the manufacturer of the drug and asking for some advice from them. Hope this helps!

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    some parents actually give their children these types of medicines because the child cannot concentrate on tasks at school and home. NOT because of hyperactivity. That's why its called ADHD A-Attention D-Deficit H-Hyperactivity D-Disorder
    When it comes to a child failing 2nd grade or taking the meds, I choose the meds!

  9. It may be fine as the tiny little balls may not get chewed hard enough, if it is chewed it releases a 12 hour dose immediately which could cause an overdose, so if you hear crunching sounds you know he's chewing them.

  10. Why not talk to the pharmacist and see what they say..there may be some time released little capsules that must not be crushed by the teeth or he will get all of the dosage at once...I suspect the gastric juices release the little time caps at different times...that is how the LA caps work..and that is why they should not be crushed or chewed..or they get the full dosage at once. What about yogurt? Or pudding? Or is there a toll free number for the drug company to call and talk to them? My son was on Ritalin as well and they did not have the LA dosage was a night mare just to get the teacher to see that he went to the office to take his daily dose...I hope you get something easy figured out.
    ADHD has nothing to do with "emotional" has to do with ability to has been described as being in a room with 100 televisions all on different channels and being told to listen to one...people who make comments such as these obviously don't know a thing about is not simply excess energy--it has to do with the ability to keep the mind focused and some children have very mild cases and some have more severe problems. My son in now in his late twenties and is able to explain the difference in his concentration when he takes his ADD medication and when he does not..he also tests about 14 points higher on an IQ test when he takes his medication. He said without medication all sounds were equal..from a cricket outside, to a childs voice down the hall, a car going down the street, a whisper, the teacher's voice...his medication made the teacher's voice stand out and the other's less distinct. He is the father of busy, non-ADD twins.

  11. I need advice on how to give Ritalin LA to my 8 year old son.?

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