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Thread: drug abuse? Naproxen 500Mg

  1. Default drug abuse? Naproxen 500Mg

    Do people abuse Naproxen 500Mg for a high?

    Same affects as vicoden or Oxycontin pills, if you know that much about it?

    No i do not plan on using them, FYI, I'm doing a report about harmful prescribed medications.
    Thanks, any additional information is welcomed and appreciated!

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    drug abuse? Naproxen 500Mg
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    Naproxen is a NSAID (Non steriodal anti inflammatory) just like Aleve you buy OTC (over the counter) just stronger. i dont think you can become addicted. Its nothing like Oxycontin. Heres a link so you can get more info.

  4. Naproxen is an NSAID and not a narcotic. I guess someone could abuse it but they would not get high!

    Now people do abuse vicodin, oxycotin, oxycodone, lortab, moriphine and many, many narcotics.

  5. drug abuse? Naproxen 500Mg

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