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Thread: can naproxen make you loopy

  1. Default can naproxen make you loopy

    i'm taking it and i have been so hyper and happy on it. i was reading the side effects and i've had a lot of them but this wasn't listed. could it still happen though?
    i haven't od'd at all. im taking them as prescribed which is 500 mg twice a day for two weeks (so far its been 3 days)

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    can naproxen make you loopy
  3. naproxen is simply a anti-imflamitory it shouldnt make you feel loopy at all!

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    No, double check with your pharmacist or doctor to make sure you have the right pain meds.

  5. I had knee surgery last october and was put on them...
    I still take them and I don't feel loopy at all (they work fine for me)
    but of course everyone reacts different to medicine sometimes....
    I think you REALLY have to o.d. on them to even feel loopy

    and that's not a suggestion at all

  6. can naproxen make you loopy

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