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Thread: How will this dose of ibuprofen affect a fasting blood test?

  1. Default How will this dose of ibuprofen affect a fasting blood test

    If a patient had a 400 mg dose of over-the-counter ibuprofen 4 hours prior to a fasting blood test, how would it affect the outcome of the test? Would the water that was taken with the medicine affect it at all?

  2. Water, no.
    I'm not certain on ibuprofen, buy I'm making a semi-educated guess that it's no, at least not directly.

  3. Water will not affect the blood work. Ibuprofen shouldn't be a problem either. I assume this is for a lipid panel, cholesterol and such. I don't think that even if the blood work were to include a fasting blood sugar it would be affected. Any sugar that might be in the ibuprofen would be out of your system after 4 hours.
    Good Luck!

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