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Thread: How would you compare Naproxen to Hydrocodone for pain relief?

  1. Default How would you compare Naproxen to Hydrocodone for pain relief

    I recently had some Hydrocod-APAP 325mgs from my motor vehicle accident, but recently ran out. I found some Naproxen 500mg in my medicine cabinet and wanted to ask experienced people's opinions on how the pain relief feels different.

    I understand that Hydrocodone is an opiate analegic and Naproxen is an anti-inflammatory, but I would still like to see how people compare the 2.

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    How would you compare Naproxen to Hydrocodone for pain relief?
  3. There is no comparrision. Hydro is much more superior. The Naproxen may give you relief, but will be nothing like the hydro.

  4. the naproxen deals with inflammation, thereby addressing the root cause of the pain....and no risk for addiction. It is not as good as hydrocodone for blocking the pain sensation....but I would prefer to use the naproxen if it managed my pain.

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    You can't compare them,, they are different and they effect your body different. One is for pain and the other is for inflammation.
    Here is a good link you should check out for Rx info.

    And the 325 you are talking about in the hydrocodone is the Tylenol in it not the narcotic. You probably meant 5/325 which is 5 mg. of hydrocodone. I take hydrocodone, just a different strength every day for a spine injury

    And I agree with the RN. If the naproxen provides pain relief you will be far better off taking it. Good luck

  6. How would you compare Naproxen to Hydrocodone for pain relief?

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