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Thread: Can i get pregnant really easy if i am taking amoxicillin but i am on the pill

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    Default Can i get pregnant really easy if i am taking amoxicillin but i am on the pill

    i started taking amoxicillin yesterday for my cough and i am on track with my birth control

    I take it everyday on time. Me and my bf like to f.u.c.k like i guess everyday and i just want to know if i can still be safe when i dont use a condom.
    to get to the point can i still have safe intercourse if i just took my last antibiotic today? i hate condoms.

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    There is actually no danger of getting pregnant even with taking antibiotics with pills. However, it would be nice to take note that the pill is not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Sometimes, taking other medications with pills can lower down its action. But this rarely occurs.

    Hope this helps.

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    Use a condom!! Alot of people don't know that stuff like that can mess with your birth control but it can! Ask your doctor he/she should of told you.

  4. Yeah from what i know Antibiotics can affect the birth control so while you're on it i would be using a condom. I would just watch it from here on out cause like i said you need another form of protection while on antibiotics.

  5. why would antibiotics.. never mind i dont care

  6. I was taking antibiotics for only 4 days, and i was the same... took my pills everyday at the same time, and ended up with a son. i would never go back, and i love him to death. but if your not ready, use a condom, because it is definately possible! (the effects of the birth control pill are reversed when your on antibiotics, jsut as if you aren't even taking them)

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    I was on the depro injectiona and got pregnant, not knowing antibiotics affected how well it worked. Be careful.

  8. use the condoms antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of the birth control. It's not like it is forever. If you don't use something else in addition to your pills don't be surprised if you end up pregnant.

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    Antibiotics screw with the effectiveness of birth control. Anytime you're on them you should use back up forms of birth control. I hate condoms too, but they're better than getting pregnant when you're not ready for a baby. BTW, pulling out is not an effective form of birth control.

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