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Thread: Penicillin shot at Army BT?

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    I read somewhere that during Army basic you recieve a penicillin shot? What exactly, is it for? More importantly, I am deathly allergic to it (the first and only time I got one was when I was a few weeks old and it landed me on a ventillator and the doctor telling my parents sorry, I think we might have killed your firstborn) so what do they do in that case?

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    Penicillin shot at Army BT?
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    There are so many people allergic to Penicillin its not a big deal you have to ask for a red dog tag that states that

  4. I wouldn't worry, it a very common drug allergy so I'm sure they have an alternative. I'm not sure why they are giving penicillin anyway.

  5. If you are allergic to it, it should be in your records. Therefore they will not give you that shot. You get to sit on the side line and wait for everyone else to get theirs.
    I too am allergic to it and didn't get a penicillin shot.

  6. They'll ask you if you're allergic before they give it to you. The reason is that they want to make sure that new recruits don't contaminate each other with funk from their hometowns.

  7. That should be in your medical records, and if not you better make them aware of it. You receive several shots in basic.

  8. Thanks for asking this! I too have severe cillian allergies (penicillin & amoxycillin) and I was wondering the same thing as I have not recieved a definite answer from my recruiter! Best of luck to you in pursuing your military career!

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    You don't get this just because, and if you're allergic to penicillin, you not only never get it, but you don't get any cillin's.

    My hubby (who's active duty) and daughter (we found out about her allergy due to amoxicillin) are allergic to it.

  10. Penicillin shot at Army BT?

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