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Thread: Can I give my cat Penicillin VK tablets that where prescribed for me if I give the right dosage?

  1. Default Can I give my cat Penicillin VK tablets that where prescribed for me if I give the right dosage

    Our 6yr old cat "Dozmo" all the sudden has this foul smelling drool coming from his mouth and he looks like he is not feeling well at all. We cannot take him to the vet until we get paid. Until then I do not want something to happen to him. Someone told me to give him the penicillin I have and find out the right dosage for him. I don't want to cause more harm then good. Please give me some suggestions!
    Thank you!!

  2. You have no idea what is wrong with him, no reason to know that an antibiotic is appropriate for whatever is wrong, no idea if this particular antibiotic is safe for your cat or will be effective or the appropriate dose (and if you are prescribed antibiotics for yourself, you are supposed to take them all). Most vets will take a payment plan so I suggest you call and arrange something.

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