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Thread: can you give a 2 day old kitten human penicillin?

  1. Default can you give a 2 day old kitten human penicillin

    Hello I Am Trying To Find Out If You Can Give Kittens Sister Had A Stray Cat On Her Porch Whom Was Pregnant Well She Gave Birth To 2 Kittens Who Is Now 2 Days Old.we Are Bottle Feeding Them But One Will Not Eat It Has The Sniffles And Sneezes Very Bad The Other Is Eating But Not The Little Girl Mom Cat Took Off After Giving Birth And Never Came Back.well My Sister Said She Heard You Can Give A Little Shaving Or Dusting Of A 500 Mg Penicillin Pill To A Kitten To Help Clear Up His Congestion Upper Respitory Infection.earlier She Wet The Tip Of Her Finger And Shaved A Tiny Powder From The Pill And Put It In The Little Ones Mouth.were Hopeing This Helps So The Upper Respitory Infection Will Go Away Becouse We Know The Baby Will Not Eat At All And She Is Getting Weaker And Weaker.we Make Her Pee And All But Still She Will Not Eat.but Please Can Someone Tell Me Is It Ok If She Continues To Give This Kitten A Little Shaving From The Pill Everyday Till It Clears?please Help Thank

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    can you give a 2 day old kitten human penicillin?
  3. You need to take it to a vet ASAP.The vet can show you how to feed the kitten using a tube.Until you get her to a vet,just rub formula on her gums eery hour or so,and also a little bit of Karo syrup - rub a drop on her gums every 3 hours or so,and keep her warm.The penicillin shouldn't hurt,but you have to be able to feed her,thus the vet! Also,a vaporizor will help with the congestion,or just taking her into the bathroom and running the hot water into the sink while holding her over it so the steam gets to her nose. But, VET!!

  4. Antibiotics Need To Be Given In Specific Doses At Specific Intervals For Specific Lengths Of Time To Be Effective.

    I Think You're Trying To Do A Wonderful Thing, But You're Very Likely To Cause The Kitten Serious Problems By Just Administering This Medication Willy Nilly, Since An Improper Administration Will Just Cause The Bacteria To Mutate And Not Die.

    Besides That You Don't Know If What She Has Is Something That Responds To Penicillin. Penicillin Doesn't Cure Every Illness.

    Besides That You Don't Know If Penicillin Is Poisonous To Cats.

    Call Your Vet And Find Out What You Can Do That Will Really Help.

    Or Call A 24-hr Veterinary Emergency Clinic In The Nearest Large City

    Or Call A University With A Veterinary College

    I'm Sure They Would Advise You For Free If You Call

  5. NO NOT AT ALL!!!! Please take her to the vet ASAP! And I'm not sure how your "making her pee" but you shouldn't do that either! Buy some replacement milk but unless you KNOW what your doing you will kill both kittens bottle feeding them. SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP and give the babies a fighting chance!

  6. Default Can you give you kitten human penicillin...Yes

    I was wondering the same thing, because i have liquid penicillin thet i have for my son, and i happened to stumble on this site in search of the answer. Well, i never got a definitive answer so i called my vet and he said YES 1cc for every 5 pounds 1 or 2 times a day.
    Oh and replying to LaCasa Studio ive bottle fed and raised a 2 day old cocker spaniel and 2 kittens, when there mother licks them it stimulates them to pee, mom....your gonna have to do it with a warm wet wash cloth.
    FYI- cows milk might be a convenient alternative for kittens but its not good for them, it will give them diarrhea and lead to dehidration. On puppys and kittens if you cant get formula get goats milk. Its easy on there little systems!
    Great stuff!

    Hope that helps!
    Good luck

  7. Thanks to All for your help and replies.

  8. can you give a 2 day old kitten human penicillin?

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