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Thread: Can you take penicillin more often than prescribed?

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    Default Can you take penicillin more often than prescribed

    Basically my boyfriend has pills that are 500MG in each pill... and your suppose to take one every 8 hours. And this is for strep throte.

    I know when i was on Penicillin i was taking one pill every 4 hours.

    You think it would be cool to kick him up a notch? I dont think every 8 hours is gona hack it.
    I never said he got it from the doctor. He doesnt have insurance right now, so that would have been extreamly expincive. So we got the same thing a Dr. would give him. I just need to know how many hours between each pill is reasonable.

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    Can you take penicillin more often than prescribed?
  3. No. The doctor prescribed it that way for a reason. His body will eventually become immune to itt if taken more often then prescribed and it wont work anymore.

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    How severe is his strep throat? How heavy is he? These are the factors that will determine the dosage of the medication. When you were on penicillin, you may have been taking the 250mg kind or your strep was really bad.

    If he is taking it 8 hours a day, which is equivalent to 3 times a day, with an average weight, the dosage is actually quite high, esp if the infection is not that severe. I would suggest lowering it down to 2x a day, or every 12 hours.

    And, even without insurance, you should be careful when self prescribing medications and antibiotics. The cost of treating complications may be more than what you are going to pay for an initial consultation with a doctor.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Can you take penicillin more often than prescribed?

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