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Thread: Where to give dog penicillin shot...?

  1. Default Where to give dog penicillin shot...

    my cousin needs to know where to give her dog a penicillin shot, in the hip or neck?

    i have always heard the neck, but my uncle said the hip, which one is it?

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    Where to give dog penicillin shot...?
  3. The vet.

    You know you could actually kill your dog by giving "do it yourself" shots?
    Leave it up to the professionals. Unless the vet told you to do it, which in that case they would have told you where to administer it.

  4. That needs to be ask to a vet I think.

  5. At the Veterinary Clinic.

  6. the vet should be giving this shot.

  7. Sarcoma (cancer) of the injection site is a common enough thing that vets give most shots in the thigh because of it now, in case something develops. A leg can be amputated, but cancer in the neck can not.

    Contact your vet to get info on the right place to do this, you shouldn't be relying on what people on the internet tell you.

  8. You let the veterinarian do the shot for your dogs; he knows where to shot it. If you are curious on where he will shot it, ask him, but DONT do it on your own.

  9. Where to give dog penicillin shot...?

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