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Thread: Tetracycline for ear infection?

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    I recently went to a doctor with ear clicking,ear pain and sinus trouble.He said I have an ear infection and perscribed Tetracycline.I've never taken this before for an ear infection.Will it clear it up or do I need to seek the advice of another doctor??

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    Tetracycline for ear infection?
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    Tetracycline is fine for your ear infection. It is also used for upper respiratory tract infections, such as your sinus trouble. He may have prescribed tetracycline to you to be able to cure the sinus trouble as well as your ear infection.

    Unless you have reason to doubt what your doctor has said, you would be fine to follow his advice.

    Hope this helps

  4. Thanks for your helpful and informtative reply. I was hesitant but I'm certain to take it after reading your reply.

  5. Tetracycline for ear infection?

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