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Thread: Penicillin shot ok while pregnant?

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    Is it ok to get a penicillin shot while pregnant? Im 38 weeks and i think i might have strep. Usually when i get that i get a shot, but i just wanted to find out before a make a trip to the ER
    Thank you for the information, and the ER is the ONLY thing that's open in the small town that i'm living in, it's late and im dying of a sore throat. Thats why...
    And thank you for beating me up about this question. I'm hoping you're not assuming i'm lying. Strep test take less then 24 hours. I'm not extremly ill but i've had this plenty of times. Only i would know. I asked a simple question and expect a simple answer, not a lecture on how i shouldnt distract doctors.

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    Penicillin shot ok while pregnant?
  3. Doctors rarely start injecting penicillin anymore now adays. It's normally only used in pill form? I've had strep many times and have never ever had a penicillin injection.

  4. Penicillin is very very rarely administered by injection as it is painful and is very effective when taken orally. Why would you visit the ER for a throat infection when this is a case for a GP. The ER is for emergencies - not for general run of the mill ailments and arriving at Emergency when there is none does nothing other than detract doctors from their job of saving lives.

    A streptococcal infection in the throat is not something most people get often yet you say "Usually when i get that i get a shot" as if you have this frequently. To diagnose Strep required growing a culture and waiting at least 24 hours. Most throat infections are viral rather than bacterial and thus do not respond to antibiotic.

    Unless you are severely unwell you should just ride out the infection you have, coughs colds and sore throats are just part of life, they will not kill you. Antibiotics should be used in the mose severe of cases only.

    Try a salt water gargle and rest, if you need take tylenol, but do not bother the doctors at ER with minor illness that needs only a GEneral Practitioner.

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    Any form of penicillin is just fine if you need it. We give mostly IV or pill forms though.

  6. Penicillin shot ok while pregnant?

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