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Thread: Methyldopa (250mg) while pregnant? Help please!

  1. Default Methyldopa (250mg) while pregnant? Help please!

    I went to my first prenatal visit yesterday and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. It has been high for the last 5-6 months. Around 140/90 150/95 etc. My doctor prescribed me Methyldopa, 250 mg tablets twice a day and told me to cut out salt and fatty foods. I'm going to follow the diet of course, but I am afraid to take the medication. I did research on-line and found that Methyldopa is the most commonly prescribed blood pressure medication to pregnant women and 99% of the sites I was on said it was perfectly fine to take while pregnant. I fully understand that high blood pressure is not something you want while pregnant, but I am still uneasy about taking the medication.

    Has anyone else been prescribed medication like this while pregnant? Any advice?

    (And YES, I know my Doctor wouldn't prescribe me something that would hurt the baby..but I had a miscarriage with my first child, so I am still unsure)

    **NO negative comments, please be serious**

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    Methyldopa (250mg) while pregnant? Help please!
  3. Actually yes, some doctors will prescribe you something that could hurt baby- for many reasons. It could be worth the chance, or they could just slip up. So first of all, you were right to look.
    Secondly, I do not have high blood pressure. I am bipolar, and I suffer extreme depression, so severe that I really need to be on anti-depressants. And even though I would not like to be on them, they are supposed to be safe, and I know that the benefit is far worth the small risk (it is more risky to be a suicidal pregnant woman than it is to take a drug they have determined is safe). I am sure it is the same for blood pressure. You would probably do more harm to baby by having untreated high blood pressure than you would by just taking the medicine.

  4. You have certainly done your research! I think that you are right in saying that the Dr. wouldn't give you something unless it was safe. I recommend that you look into the effects of leaving your blood pressure so high to the baby, and then weigh your options. I am sorry to hear about your first loss. I think it is important to do what the Dr. asks for the safety of you and of your child. Remember it's all about them now.

  5. Methyldopa (250mg) while pregnant? Help please!

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