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Thread: how long does it take for zyprexa to start working

  1. Default how long does it take for zyprexa to start working

    in days, weeks, or months.

  2. It will take your body 3 to 5 days to start to feel the effect.

  3. It can take up to two weeks, even if the dose is right, for Zyprexa to start working to it's fullest extent. Sometimes doctors start to stair step the dose up to the maximum they feel comfortable with, if you're not receiving relief at the two week mark.
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  4. after a couple of days I started noticing it. Somnolence was a big side effect, so i take it going to bed. Worried now about all the lawsuits against its manufacturer, but it has been good for me.

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    I've never taken olanzapine (zyprexa) before but have heard about all the bad side effects though, like fast weigh gain. Why is it that anti-depressants cause that? It's almost like a person has to choose between being thin or happy.
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  6. The starting dose of olanzapine is a single evening dose of 10mg. The drug reaches peak plasma levels in 5-8 hours, and has a half-life of about 35 hours depending on metabolism.The usual maximum dose should be 20mg

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    with zyprexa some people notice an affect the same day, thats why its used as a front line med, it tends to calm u down pretty quick if your in a manic or pr-manic state. and others it takes up to a couple of weeks to notice the full affect.

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    I can't directly recall the pharmacokinectics of Zyprexa/olanzapine, but I can tell you that the side-effects are nothing to scoff at. I had to cease taking olanzapine after one month and switch to Seroquel/quetiapine because I gained so much weight, so quickly, and I was also experiencing extreme cravings for sugar, that most likely would have caused me to become diabetic had I stayed on the medication.

  9. Anyone here take zyprexa / Olanzapine? My Doc prescribed me it, it helps alot against benzo witrhdrawal but she gave a small doze but although the dose is small it really helps to stop benzo withdrawal and reduce it. But i still get BAD withdrawals, anyone help regarding where to get olanzapine zyprexa to fend off withdrawals.

    im only on 2.5mg zyprexa.

  10. Default zyp-zombie

    I took zyprexa for about 5 months worked on me the very same day ,no weight gain ( I think it was because of how active I was before I started taking it) but I was a complete zombie after though I couldn't stay up for more than 2hrs at a time . I took it right before bed the best sleep ever on that drug "coma like" woke up for nothing. Then my doc put me on Risperdal

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    I take 7.5mg of zyprexa every night for severe anxiety. Put on loads of weight. It did work at the beginning but thinking of coming off it now. Never helped me to sleep. But it is well known for weight gain.

  12. if you take a high dose of the odt formulation it works within a day. the huge problem is that it stops to work after a while! That's when life becomes more difficult.

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