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Thread: can i crush antibiotics pill?

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    i cant swolow tabs n my dentist gave me a prescrition 4 antibiotic can i crush it and drink it with water or can i ask the chemist 2 give me the medicine version

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    can i crush antibiotics pill?
  3. Crush em and snort em... nah just ask for the medicine version.

    I used to be like you but soon got over the fear of swallowing tabs. Just take a big gulp of water with it in your mouth and tilt your head right back and swallow and relax. Capsules are easier so if you can't get medicine, ask for capsules.

  4. Call a 24 hour pharmacy. Most antibiotics are slow release and must be swallowed whole. The pharmacy can not give you another type of the medicine without a prescription. Ask the pharmacy if it does come in another form. Not all of them do.
    Good Luck

  5. No dont crush them... they are released into the body at different times as they dissolve.....

  6. many antibiotics can be crushed, usually they will tell you or label you bottle do not crush if they can't. You may try using applesauce, yogurt, or similar food to allow it to slide down easier. Just drink you water after to add the fluid to the stomach to allow the antibiotic to start breaking down. You could also break the tablet in half and take the two smaller halves separately.

  7. can i crush antibiotics pill?

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