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Thread: I have anxiety and was wondering if a walk in clinic would perscibe Xanax or

  1. Default I have anxiety and was wondering if a walk in clinic would perscibe Xanax or

    somthing simular? I know its not a cure I actually have a appointment in 2 weeks ,but I'm seriously freaking out.I told the mental health nurse that I've been seeing but he said to came back in on the 14th and we would talk about a ssri.Ive been there 3 times and he keeps putting off perscibing me something,he usually only talks to me for like 10-20 min and sends me on my way with no advice no ssri no nothing he doesn't even listen to me.I don't think he takes the situation very seriously ,I've even asked to see someone else and was refused.So would I be right in asking a walk in clinic to perscibe something till the 14th?How would I even ask?Would xanax help for the time being?I know it has withdraw and isn't good for you ,but I'm seriously freaking out.I just need some help whether it be a drug a person just something.

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    I have anxiety and was wondering if a walk in clinic would perscibe Xanax or
  3. A word to the wise that xanax is a 'benzo' and can be extremely physically addictive. One canNot stop taking a benxo (which includes ativan, klonopin and valium) or seizure, psychosis (break from reality) or even death can occur. The ssri antidepressants are supposed to help to manage anxiety much better in the long run. Someone mentioned that it can take 4-6 weeks to take the full effect, and that's true as I take prozac, an ssri antidepressant. If you are that anxious and 'freaking out', perhaps go to your local crisis center by calling 911/ambulance.

  4. xanax is a serious drug that they dont hand out to just anyone because it is seriously addictive. i would highly doubt any walk in clinic would prescribe such a drug to someone because to get that drug prescribed for you you usually have to exhibit prolonged symptoms and the same doctor would have to see you many times to establish that as the case. the thing with ssri's is that they dont work fast (takes 4-6weeks) and that is not usually what they prescribe for anxiety anyways. if you are REALLY FREAKING OUT you need to go to the hospital and be seen and they will admit you and get you settled down and then establish a medication program for you. there are many ways to deal with anxiety without drugs and the reality is that drugs only take away the inital panic you still have to deal with the problem that is causing you the anxiety. are you even willing to take a look at what that is and try to address it. psych drugs are not magic pills those of us who suffer with mental illness still have to do the work to deal with our demons and strive to live a fullfilling life as symptoms free as possible. you dont sound like that is what you want - you sound like you just want someone else to fix it. that will never happen - realistic expectations are the first step to relieving anxiety. good luck

  5. Well if it a nurse your seeing they cant prescribe anything and a doctor shouldnt prescribe addicting drugs with out a patient visit. SSRI's are a good antidepressant but can take awhile to see results usuall a month to 6 weeks for therapeutic effects. Xanax is a good drug for if your feeling really stressed to the point your about to have a panic attack. the effect of xanax doesnt last that long usually no more then say 30 mins to an hour unless you get a extended release form of anti-anxiety medications. A walk in clinic may give you a few xanax like 20 and tell you to see a doctor. Most have a 2 limit visit without seeing a doctor because honetly it just seems like drug seeking behavior at that point. So i would recommend seeing a doctor if you cant wait then try a walk in clinic. However im guessing you havent taken this in the past because you would have a prescription so if you didnt need them in the past i would say try not to take them. Life changing events do occur and sometimes medications are needed but if you can id say do it with out them cause you can end up needing it for the rest of your life. I personally dont liketaking meds that alter the chemicals in my brain because ive had headaches after taking xanax or vicodin or other neuro transmitter altering drugs.

  6. You need to stop wanting a pill to solve your problem, start taking control of your thoughts so you won't freak out. A walk in clinic won't prescribe you anything just because you ask. It doesn't work that way. You need to be getting some counseling to help you cope, seek out one before you want any drugs.

    Anxiety is something you can control, begin to learn how to manage your thoughts, a counselor can help you do that.

  7. yes i have done that and got klonepin which works better then xanex for me. I also take prozac which at high enough does works wonders zoloft has also worked lexapro a bit less so the last 2 wreck my stomach prozac does not

  8. I have anxiety and was wondering if a walk in clinic would perscibe Xanax or

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