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Thread: Does Xanax really work for anxiety of flying?

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    Just recently I have become afraid of flying, i dont know why but when I am in a plane I feel so closterphobic (sp?) and last time I was on a plane I had a panic attack and it was the worst feeling in the world because I kept it to myself and it was just bad! This summer my spanish teacher is taking some students to Spain and he keeps asking if I am going and he needs to know by next week. I and terrified of planes now though so how does Xanax work and how does it make you feel? I just do not like anything about planes especially being so high up trapped in a tube but I really really really want to go to Spain and I dont want the plane to freak me out into not going.
    because what triggers my panic attacks is the thoughts of being so high in the air and not being able to come back down for 7 hours, being stuck. how can a drug make these thoughts not happen I just dont understand b/c no matter how hard I try not to think about it, I still do.

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    Does Xanax really work for anxiety of flying?
  3. really works. I have had a panic attack on a plane before too...I hate flying!!! Xanax does not make you feel messed up or "drunk", it just makes you feel calm and Serene. I can't ride a plane with out it.

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    It definitely will help with your problem. I consider it one of the best ways to treat this. You should understand that Xanax won't make you happy about flying, being high up for 7 hours or being "trapped in a tube". What it does do for you is when you think about those things, it makes you no longer care. It basically removes the fear and panic feelings. I don't know exactly where you're going but Spain has many great places to visit. Go and don't worry about freaking out. You will love it. Good luck

  5. yes, it really does work but make sure you are only using as you really need it! IT CAN BE VERY ADDICTIVE!=(

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    Xanax give me headaches so I cant take them, but when I tried they made me feel very calm and relaxed, even put me to sleep. But I have heard they are very addictive only take it when needed.

  7. Xanax is very similar to Valium, it's an anti-anxiety medication which is a tranquilliser/muscle relaxant. Very hard to get a panic attack when you've been tranquilised. You'll just feel very relaxed within your self, slightly drowsy & carefree in your attitude & mind, it subdues your thoughts & slows everything down. You'll be fine, you'll probably just nod off & end up sleeping through the flight. Just use it wisely & don't start taking it every day for every problem you get, it is habit forming & addictive & tolerance builds up very quickly meaning you need higher doses to get the same effect. It is a great medication when not abused. I became addicted & was using it for 24 years & 'doctor shopping' because I had a habit of taking 50 a day, took a year of therapy & rehabilitation to get off it. If it's any consolation odds say you're more likely to be in a car crash than a plane crash. Don't worry, people fly every day.

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    What works is an anxiolytic SUCH AS Xanax. Now, Xanax may not work for YOU. We are all different. You may need to use another type of benzodiazepan med such as Valium. These medications act on the limbic system of the brain which controls emotions. So the end result is that you'll calm down for your flight.

  9. Does Xanax really work for anxiety of flying?

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