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Thread: Are codeine and hydrocodone the same thing?

  1. Default Are codeine and hydrocodone the same thing

    If you're allergic to one, are you usually allergic to the other? I thought they were different somehow but someone told me they are basically the same thing. My husgand is allergic to codeine and the doctor prescribed him hydrocodone for post-op pain. He throws up with codeine. Think hydrocodone will bother him?

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    Are codeine and hydrocodone the same thing?
  3. They are 2 different medication......Codeine is just that, codeine,...Hydrocodone is the generic form of Vicodin....

  4. Is your husband allergic to tylenol/acetaminophen or ibuprofen? Codeine and Hydrocodone are NOT the same thing, they are however typically used in a combination with acetaminophen or ibuprofen - Tylenol w/ Codeine or Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen - it could be one or the other that your husband is allergic to, and thus both would irritate his stomach. Also, vomitting is not always a true "allergy" its more of a bothersome side affect, and can usually be helped with taking the medication with a meal. Best to be safe and take the hydrocodone with a small snack or meal so its not as hard on his stomach. Best of luck!

  5. they are both opiates.

    depends on preparation....... hydrocodone is better in its' native pharmaceutical form.

  6. hydrocodone is a derivative of thebaine...

    same stuff oxy is made out of.. hence the potency

    they are all synthesized from a form of codeine...

    so to answer your question its yes and no

    yes they are in the same category but codeine is just good ole codeine


  7. Are codeine and hydrocodone the same thing?

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