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    I am a 55 years old woman who have elevated anti-nuclear antibody titre (1280) but have no symptoms of any autoimmune disease except for regular migrant. the doctor suggested me to take 200mg of plaquenil a day to prevent the onset of SLE or other autoimmune disease.

    After 2 months of medication, i found i feel tired through out the day and have many little red dots appear on skin. my gum is weakened and i had very light edema.

    The doctor said i am allergic to plaquenil and i have to stop the medication. What should i do now? Is there any more tolerant and milder drugs out there or there is a natural way to prevent autoimmune disease?

    Thank you very much.

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    What can substitute for plaquenil
  3. Try asking your doctor about Prednisone.

    He/she should have already made a recommendation on a different substitute for Plaquenil. It's his/her job to make sure you're taken care of.

    Also, if Prednisone isn't right for you, ask him for any substitutes.

  4. What can substitute for plaquenil

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