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    I have been on Ambien for a while but once woken up have very bad dreams and see some crazy stuff. I have taken this up with my doctor and he has now given my a drug caled hypnodorm and afetr i got it home and researched its a date rape drug.

    What are the dangers of me using this safe at home and side effects of this v's ambien

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    Ambien v's Hypnodorm
  3. Provided you dont put yourself in a situation where you will be drinking and taking these you should be safe. I wouldnt suggest taking both at once as it will pretty much render you passedout and free for the taking (as to say)

    The short is if you not drinking and at home you will be fine, provided no robbers are watching you take it and break in...LOL

  4. Ambien v's Hypnodorm

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