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Thread: Migraines - Oxycodone or Butalbital?

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    I'm hoping someone will read this who has used both of these medications to treat a migraine.

    I have butalbital (a barbiturate) that was prescribed to me for my migraines. I also have some oxycodone/percocet leftover from a recent surgery. I can feel a migraine coming on and I'm about to leave work and go home so I can take one of these medications before it gets too bad.

    My butalbital works well on my migraines but it makes me pretty sleepy, though. I thought about taking the oxycodone instead because it doesn't make me sleepy and I'd like to stay up late enough to see my boyfriend before he leaves town tomorrow. But I don't know how well oxycodone works for migraines? Does anyone have any experience to tell me? I can't take both at once, so I have to choose one and stick with it, which is why I'm asking for advice here!

    Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to answer!
    I don't think I can take both at once. My doctor told me that I couldn't take Tylenol and Butalbital at the same time because they both have acetaminophen in them and it would be an overdose, and my oxycodone has acetaminophen in it too...

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    Migraines - Oxycodone or Butalbital?
  3. I actually take both at the same time.When I go to the ER for migraines that won't quit they give me Dilaudid (opiate pain med) and a script for Oxycodone and Butalbital.They never told me I couldn't take both.If I had to pick one I would take the Butalbital.

  4. Migraines - Oxycodone or Butalbital?

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