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Thread: Can you take propranolol with St John's wort

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    Default Can you take propranolol with St John's wort

    I take st John's wort and was wondering if it is safe to take propranolol at the same time Not regularly, just odd occasions such as interviews?

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    Can you take propranolol with St John's wort
  3. wouldnt mix them two if i were you, it'll tinker with your ticker

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    There is no listed interaction between St John's wort and beta-blockers (of which propanolol is one). So there is no medical reason why you cannot take them together.

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    Taking propanolol occasionally for performance anxiety is fine. To take it with St John's wort may be redundant. Although no interactions are seen from mixing the two together, it would probably be quite safe on the body to just take one at a time.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Can you take propranolol with St John's wort

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