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Thread: I want to die.. How many beta blockers should I take to kill myself

  1. Default I want to die.. How many beta blockers should I take to kill myself

    I've been told I have body dysmorphic disorder but I think I'm just plain ugly..its not a disorder... its my reality. Its what I see when I look in the mirror. I feel totally humiliated and ashamed when people look at me. I also have agoraphobia and I haven't left the house for 3 years. I don't let anyone see me except for my mom & dad and my sisters. I don't have much of a life except going on the computer and eating and sleeping. I'm ugly and disgusting and I don't deserve to live.. I WANT TO DIE.. PLEASEEE.. I'm so frustrated I just cry in bed.. I want to die.. but how.. I'm scared... I want to make sure I die.. I don't want to admitted to the hospital... before I go to bed tonight I'm going to take 100 of my beta blockers (metaprolol 100 mg ) Will this be enough to make my heart stop? Will I die in my sleep? Will it hurt?

    PLEASE don't say anything like counselling.. I'm been seeing psychologists and psychiatrists for 10 years since I was a little kid actually.. this is my decision

    I need practical advice

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    I want to die.. How many beta blockers should I take to kill myself
  3. you don't want to die. if you did, you wouldn't be asking, you would be taking as many pills you could get your hands on/slicing your wrists/shooting yourself/hanging yourself/whatever, not asking yahoo answers for support. it's a way of stalling.

    btw: i found this, it was in response to a girl saying she was going to get drunk before overdosing but it relates:

    I can tell you now you wont kill yourself by overdose. Its something like only 3% of people who try to overdose actually die. Its so unrealistic how people percieve it.
    Ok so lets say you take some tablets…20mins…half an hour later…you start to feel a little numb. Then you slip away into the night never to wake again.
    AS IF!!
    after you feel numb you still start feeling elated and happy. Then, your whole body starts to itch as it swells. And then it starts to bring out a rash. You then scratch your skin so much it bleeds because its so painful. About an hour to an hour and a half later. Your organs kick in to fight the drugs. To create its own immunity to them. (now the alcohol actually helps this). Because your organs are already trying to fight the alcohol, they just double time and do the same against the tablets. Because of the alcohol your organs will work slower, but lets not forget that also means the tablets take longer to work because the alcohol cuts it out.
    Now because of the alcohol and tablets, you are going to feel drunk like you have never felt before. Ok next, about 3/4hours from taking the tablets. Your organs start to cut out on what it needs to concentrate on the ones that keep you alive.
    Who needs a bladder? You can spend the next half an hour uncontrollably pissing yourself.
    Who needs bowels? Why dont you soil yourself too while your at it?
    Your breathing will start to slow down in order to provide extra energy for your body.
    This whole process lasts around 6-7 hours. You probably wont die. It will just start to get better. Oh yeah and theres the immense pain you will experience whilst its all happening. you get about 4hours of that. Why should your body bother about pain? Its too busy keeping you alive.
    You think taking an overdose is going to solve your problems now?

    i would reconsider it- where do you live?

  4. screw beta blockers, if you really want to die via drugs find yourself some heroin and shoot up like there's no tomorrow (which there wont be for you)

  5. I want to die.. How many beta blockers should I take to kill myself

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