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Thread: does beta-blocker helps to calm nerves

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    i suffer from strong cronic anxity and social phobia and panic attacks,, my doctor doesnt want to give me benzos so i read beta blockers help to control ur physical symptons of anxiety which would help as i suffer from horrid panic attacks, can someone who knows explain please i am so desperate for something to relieve my psysical symptons when i go out as ii tremble alot

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    does beta-blocker helps to calm nerves
  3. Hi there. I can help with this as I am on beta blockers for anxiety. (Atenolol, 50mg per day) I have been on them since December and overall its been a positive experience for me. As you know, when you get anxious and panic your body responds to this by reacting physically: the horrible pounding heart, lump in the throat, sweating, shaking and feeling dizzy. I've found that this doesn't happen as frequently since I've been on beta blockers, however, the anxiety is still there, its just not as bad because I don't have a physical response to it like I did before.

    I was really worried about taking the first tablet and convinced myself that all sorts of horrible things would happen, but it didn't! I've been able to carry on as normal.The only thing now is I'm left with a problem, which you might face if you go onto beta blockers. I'm worried about stopping them and what effect that will have..will I be back to square one again? The doctor said that you can be on them for the long term and you can come off them gradually, so I don't think there's too much to worry about. I hope that this has helped and wish you luck and love dealing with your anxiety.

    The above comment is also important to remember, its worth taking classes on relaxation, yoga can be helpful too.

  4. beta blockers can help in that they slow the heart rate and keep blood pressure down. This prevents the chest pain that can often accompany a panic attack.
    But, you might also want to consider contacting your local mental health clinic, many offer classes that teach you how to cope with panic disorder without the use of medication.

  5. does beta-blocker helps to calm nerves

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