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Thread: Beta blockers and stomach pain?REALLY need help plz?

  1. Default Beta blockers and stomach painREALLY need help plz

    My husband has a pacemaker and is taking beta blockers. So recently his betas have been giving him terrible stomach pain. I mean doubled over in pain about 20 min after he takes it.Even if he takes it with food. He had ulcers in the past and said it feels like that. My question is do any beta blockers come in the form of a patch like a nicotine patch type of thing? Or are any particular beta blockers easier on the stomach? Someone told me Bistolic has an enteric coating.He has to have the meds and the docs just keep telling him it's acid reflux and giving him PPI's which aren't helping. Also does anyone know if Sucralfate would help with this problem? I would appreciate anyone who has ahd any experience with betablocker problems could just even comment. I'm really losing it, there's nothing worse than watching someone you love suffer and not being able to do anything to help them. Thanks.

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    Beta blockers and stomach pain?REALLY need help plz?
  3. your doctor might write a prescription for Protonix or another med that will make the beta blocker more tolerable

  4. Contact his doctor and tell him what's going on. There's more than one beta blocker on the market, so maybe he can be switched to another one. I've been on a beta blocker for a very long time, but I haven't had any problems with my stomach because of it. Everybody reacts differently.

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    Tell your doctor that the PPIs they prescribed is not helping his stomach pain and ask them if they can give you another beta blocker, preferably one that does not affect the stomach. Because of his pacemaker, there may only be a limited number of beta blockers that they can prescribe to your husband. Does he have any other conditions aside from this? Bystolic is just one of the beta blockers in the market, but as to its effect on the stomach, we cannot tell unless tried. Taking beta blockers with sucralfate is okay and since it is indicated for ulcer and acid reflux, it might just help relieve him from pain. Hope this helps.

  6. Beta blockers and stomach pain?REALLY need help plz?

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