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Thread: what will happen if i inject albuterol sulfate is injected into

  1. Default what will happen if i inject albuterol sulfate is injected into

    my veins by needle injection

  2. You die.And it wouldn't be a very pleasant way to go either.

  3. Um, thats really weird.....

    I guess you wouldnt have to worry about your asthma anymore

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    If what was injected to you is an albuterol sulfate for IV, at the right dosage prescribed to you, then you should be fine.

    However, if what you injected is an albuterol sulfate solution that is NOT for IV use, which you did without any prescription, then you will definitely experience adverse effects, including respiratory depression, among others.

    I suggest to avoid using medications inappropriately if you truly value your health. But if you are planning something else, this is quite a horrible and painful way to die.

  5. Thumbs up Just did iit

    well i just shot up three 30ml shots of albuterol sulfate and hoped i would die, but all i got is a meth-like feeling.
    -heart pounding hard
    -cant sleep
    its fun if your into uppers

  6. Discussing recreational drug use or abusive drug use is against our forum rules. Thread closed.

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