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Thread: Will Albuterol hurt my dog

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    Default Will Albuterol hurt my dog

    My dog punctured my Albuterol inhaler this morning and his breathing is a little heavy and his heart is racing a bit ( not real fast ) He is still eating and drinking but ofcourse just laying around. Will he be ok? I did call teh vet and they said he should be fine. Anyone else have this happen? I am sooo nervous

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    Will Albuterol hurt my dog
  3. Your Vet is correct, he should be okay as long as he does not have an allergic reaction to it. As Albuterol open up the airways, it shouldn't be a problem. If he should develop a rash, hives, swelling of the face mouth or tongue, breathing problems, a fast and irregular heartbeat, tremors, nausea, vomiting, or nervousness -- get him in to see the Vet ASAP as he is having a reaction to it. Just watch him till tomorrow, if nothing results he's just fine.

    I can vouch for this because I, myself, am allergic to Albuterol. I felt dizzy, got a headache, my nerves were jangling, and I coughed for 6 straight hours without relief!!!

    Hope this helps to calm you down a bit. Best wishes!

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    if the vet said it will be fine your dog will be ok it may just need time to get over it so see how he is tomorrow and call the vet if he keeps up the heavy breathing.

  5. Will Albuterol hurt my dog

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