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Thread: Are there any dangers from using an expired Albuterol inhaler?

  1. Default Are there any dangers from using an expired Albuterol inhaler

    i just noticed that my girlfriend's albuterol inhalers that she takes as a preventer prior to exercise has expired. one expired on 3/07, another on 1/08.

    her doctor is on vacation for the next two weeks, so we're unable to ask for any refills until the doctor gets back.

    does anyone know if there is any danger involved in using an expired albuterol inhaler? will it still work?

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    Are there any dangers from using an expired Albuterol inhaler?
  3. Mainly, it might not be as effective as it ought to be - which can be dangerous for your girlfriend if she needs her medication and finds it doesn't work.

    Things like prescription refills, especially for repeat meds, can usually be filled out by an alternative doctor - the surgery will have another doctor covering all the patients of the absent doctor, so best advice is to contact the surgery and get some new albuterol.

  4. The danger in using it is, it might not work as well. I would be more concerned aobut the one that exp on 3/07. I would toss that one out but I think the other one would be okay.
    All 3 of my daughters use either Albuterol inhalers or nebulizer with Albuterol. We always have a lot on hand and I have used meds that have expired.
    The first time was by accident. I didn't notice it until I was giving my daughter a treatment and I called her doctor right away.
    He said there was nothing to really worry about, that sometimes the meds weaken after they have been expired a long time but he didn;t say what a "long time" was.
    Since we have so much on hand, I try to keep track of when everything expires so it doesn;t happen but if I have a dose or two that just expired, I use it and have never had a problem.

  5. Im in nursing school and from what I understand is the medicines lose there effectiveness after the exp date. I believe the asthma inhaler will be ok for two more weeks, but if she has had asthma for a while then contact her doctor and ask to speak with the physician covering the practice. They will be able to order a refill. The only danger I know of is if it will not be effective enough.

  6. Are there any dangers from using an expired Albuterol inhaler?

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