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Thread: Dangers from using an expired Albuterol inhaler?

  1. Default Dangers from using an expired Albuterol inhaler

    pired. one expired on 3/07, another on 1/08.

    her doctor is on vacation for the next two weeks, so we're unable to ask for any refills until the doctor gets back.

    does anyone know if there is any danger involved in using an expired albuterol inhaler? will it still work?

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    Dangers from using an expired Albuterol inhaler?
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    The danger involved may be it may not work as effectively as you expect it to. Also, you may develop fungal infections due to this. I suggest to wait for her doctor for a refill. But if she really needs one, get another doctor. Please do not use the expired ones.

  4. Dangers from using an expired Albuterol inhaler?

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