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Thread: Son still wheezes after Albuterol treatment?

  1. Default Son still wheezes after Albuterol treatment

    My 6 year old was JUST diagnosed with asthma. He wheezes all day and night and coughs ALOT and at night he wakes up with coughing spells and hard breathing. I give him the neb Albuterol they gave me and he still seems to wheeze. Is this normal? IS there a med to make this nighttime spells stop so he can rest more??? HELP

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    Son still wheezes after Albuterol treatment?
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    Yes you can still have wheezing, also allergies can cause them to wheeze if you have a pet, dust. pollution, grass, etc check in your home to see what it may be, also did you know that your carpet carry a lot of things that can trigger it. I had to get my carpet double cleaned(2x in 2 days) because my grandson has asthma, that helped ,some times if they are playing it can also cause them to wheeze. The detergent you wash there cloths in the fabric softener, can cause them to wheeze and cough you have to find out if it is some thing in the home, because normally after a couple of treatment in there inhaler it stops

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    First of all, if he is still have difficulty breathing then his trachea are reacting badly, specifically closing up, allowing little air to enter his system. NO this is NOT normal.

    Medications for a 24 hour period include an asthma medication called Singular. Also, sometimes inhalers dont work for some people, so some doctors perscribe a machine called a NEbulizer. It is much stronger. Even if this doesn't work, Get to an ER fast.

  5. See if you can get his Dr. to prescribe him a preventative asthma inhaler. These are taken twice a day and last 12 hours at a time. So you can give him one right before he goes to bed and he should be fine throughout the night. It should prevent his wheezing and coughing. You should see a significant improvement in his asthma.

  6. My son also has asthma, and he does still wheeze after the treatments; however his wheezing slightly lessens. Sometimes it takes 2 treatments with the breathing machine and medication. His doctor told us that we could do two treatments back to back if needed, and if it doesn't work to call the office. Make sure that you check the belly breathing. If he is in lots of respiratory distress call your doctor and see if you need to head to the ER. Good luck to you and hopefully he will outgrow it.

  7. Son still wheezes after Albuterol treatment?

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