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Thread: Other than cancer what would you have chemotherapy for

  1. Default Other than cancer what would you have chemotherapy for

    Is there anything other than cancer which is treated with chemotherapy or is cancer the only thing? Im sure it must be used on other diseases/ conditions but is it?

  2. I know that in the Movie Lorenzo's oil they gave the little boy Chemotherapy....he had ALD, but i dont know if thats used as a treatment anymore.

  3. Absolutely everything, because for cancer you have cytotoxic chemotherapy. It's just shortened to chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is just treatment with chemicals - ie drugs

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    Chemotherapy is only used to treat cancers.

  5. Many autoimmune disorders are treated with lower levels of chemo. RA, lupus, myositis, and sarcoidosis are a few that they will give you chemo for if for some reason you cannot take steroids.

  6. cancer is the only thing I know of.

  7. Other than cancer what would you have chemotherapy for

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