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Thread: Can i put hydrocortisone on internal vagina

  1. Default Can i put hydrocortisone on internal vagina

    Itching and buring
    went to doctor for yeast
    she said no
    what can i do?

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    Can i put hydrocortisone on internal vagina
  3. No, that medicine is for external use only and could damage the internal vagina. You need to get some over the counter product like Monistat 7, which is intended to cure yeast infections. You use it every night immediately before getting into bed for a week and it helps cure the itch and pain. Do not put yogurt into your vagina, but eating plain, unsweetened yogurt helps restore the balance of good bacteria in your system. You could also see your doctor for a pill called difflucan which can kick start a cure.

    hope this helps..

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    i wouldn't put that cream there the Cream is for external use only it also thins the skin drink plenty of cranberry juice and buy natural yogurt and put the yogurt down there it really does work the cranberry juice will flush any bad bacteria away the yogurt will stop the itching.

  5. Can i put hydrocortisone on internal vagina

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