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Thread: why do you have to wean off steroids? prednisolone...?

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    ive been suffering from chronic hives for nearly 3months now...... i was against taking steroids (prednisolone 40mg a day suggested by doctor) but recently i gave them a go, and was taking between 20-35mg a day for about 8-9 days, i ran out yesterday, and they dont do anything so i dont want anymore.... but heard you have to come off them slowly? is that for long term use only? basically ive been taking 4-5 of these steroids a day and now ive ran out is it ok to just stop, bearing in mind ive only been on them 9days..... im asking on here as its a huge pain getting an appointment with my doctor and its quite a distance..... any advice is appreciated

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    why do you have to wean off steroids? prednisolone...?
  3. Prednisone is a synthetic steroid hormone. It cannot be stopped abruptly because the adrenal gland, which makes natural steroid hormones for the body, is suppressed by long term prednisone administration. Since some steroids are necessary for life, abruptly stopping prednisone leaves one without any steroids at all, a condition known as Addisonian crisis. Given time, if the adrenal is stimulated to produce steroids by gradual reduction in the dosage of prednisone, it will eventually begin to wake up and produce natural steroids in most cases. It is thought that if one becomes ill, more steroids are needed since the natural response to stress (like trauma, an operation, an infection, etc) is for the adrenal gland to pour out steroids. Until one's adrenal gland is up to par though, this is not possible. So anyone on steroids or recently weaned off steroids needs to be aware of this.

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  4. why do you have to wean off steroids? prednisolone...?

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