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Thread: Can taking Prednisolone as Eye Drops cause you to be tired?

  1. Default Can taking Prednisolone as Eye Drops cause you to be tired

    If you take Prednisolone for the eyes, in the form of eye drops to address an inflammation problem in the eye....can it cause you to become very tired??

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    no, Prednisolone does not cause tiredness, in fact in large doses it can cause insomnia. it has a number of side effects, none of them very common when used as eye drops but tiredness is not one of them.

    it can make the eyes sting simulating tiredness but it does not cause lethargy, fatigue or any lack of energy.

  3. not usually . side effects of oral Prednisolone include excessive drinking and urination , weight gain and hunger . However when you are using drops in your eyes the prenisolone dose is so small that it should not cause those effects unless it is a longterm medication ....

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