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Thread: Dog ingested hydrocortisone cream (1%) Help?

  1. Default Dog ingested hydrocortisone cream (1%) Help

    Hi. I was cleaning and noticed hidden under my couch recliner was a chewed up tube of Hydrocortisone cream (1%) It was Cortizone 10. I don't really think there was much in this tube because it looked really old. (Have no idea where she found it.)

    She might have chewed this up a long time ago but just in case do you know how poisonous cortizone 10 is?

    The thing is my vet does not open in another hour and the nearest emergency vet is... an hour away. =/

    Any advice or help would be appreciated. Shes not vomiting or anything and has been asleep for at least 3hours so this had to be over 3hours ago.

    Thanks! (Shes a 43lb pit bull btw)

  2. I'd monitor her and make sure she wasnt breathing badly and would respond, then take her to the vet as soon as they open just to be better safe then sorry

    in all likelyhood it sounds like she is going to be fine, most dogs wouldnt like the taste i'd think and would not really eat the cream

    but if unsure the answer is always better safe then sorry and seek the vet

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