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Thread: Hydrocortisone to treat cradle cap?

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    My pediatrician told me I can put a thin layer of 1/2% hydro cortisone cream on my baby's head to reduce the cradle cap. I bought some over the counter, but it says not to use it on kids under 2 years of age. I'm sure my ped wouldn't tell me to use if it was dangerous for my 4.5 month baby girl, but why does the product say not to use it on infants?

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    Hydrocortisone to treat cradle cap?
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    My son's pediatrician suggested Head and Shoulder's dandruff shampoo to treat cradle cap. He also said that using baby oil can actually make the cradle cap worse.

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    all my babies had cradle cap and I would use baby oil massaged into the scalp gently, then I would use a soft baby hair brush to loosen the cradle cap and then comb out the mess. A nice bath and hairwash after to remove the oil and any mess left in the hair. Good luck

  5. be careful of itch ointments.. ,they thin out the skin

  6. you rub your childs head with baby oil and let it sit for a few and then comb out. You may have to use a couple applications

  7. I agree with everyone who has suggested to use baby oil. hydrocortisone cream can be absorbed into the blood stream, which is why you shouldn't use it on babes under 2. I have no clue why your doctor would suggest that you use it.

  8. Hydrosortisone causes skin thinning... looks like a scar... I have ot on my fingers and don't have fingerprints on some from using hydrcortisone.

    Make sure you rinse his head properly when you bath him, use a very mild baby wash... preverably something that doesn't actually contain soap, you can also wash his hair with aqauous cream.

    Cradle cap is something that most babies have and it clears up by it self. It is often caused by too much soap or not rinsing the hair properly.

    My daughter had cradle cap so we changed to Johnsons Baby Naturals hair and body wash and it cleared up.

  9. I would just let it go away on its own, cradle cap is totally normal

  10. I would just let it go away on its own, cradle cap is totally normal

  11. Hydrocortisone to treat cradle cap?

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