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Thread: Positive for Amphetamines

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    I am on long acting opiates for pain and I go through the Veterans Administration for my medical care. My last random drug screen (urine) showed positive for amphetamines. Since I have never taken an amphetamine in my life, I was surprised and extremely upset at the news. I was notified one day after my monthly pain meds ran out and apparently the doc had my results all month but neglected to notify me until I ran out of my meds. I was told I would have to come down there every week (150 miles round trip) and get urine tested and I would be prescribed my pain meds a week at a time. I told them to stick it, and I will seek treatment elsewhere.

    I did a little research and determined it was a false positive due to the over the counter benzedrex (propylhexedrine) nasal inhaler I recently started using, and probably over using. For some reason they did not send the urine for further testing and relied on the dipstick screening results. Further testing would have clearly ruled out amphetamines and shown the actual med I was taking. I wrote a lengthy letter to the hospital administrator to have an explanation entered into my records. I took all my lab results, notes and prescription history to my non VA doctor and explained everything to him. He agreed to take over all of my care, to include pain management.

    My overall point of this post is to make everyone is aware that false positives for amphetamines are not that uncommon. Besides benzedrex, Vick's inhalers can also show up positive along with several other prescription and non prescription meds. Of course any reputable doctor would confirm the positive by sending to the lab for gc/ms testing to isolate the substance before making accusations.


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    Positive for Amphetamines
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    I have heard even things such as sudafed could cause a false positive. I guess the moral of the story is that we know what we put in our bodies and not to accept results that we know are not correct. I dont know how to take it further if that were to ever happen to me but knowing what I take and how many people have unjustly failed drug tests, I would research to take it to a higher level. Hope it all works out for you!
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  4. Thanks Teresita. Actually this whole mess turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The VA was constantly sending my schedule IIs late (pharmacy sent them by UPS every month). Frequently it was a day or two but once I had to wait a week. Then I look like a junky constantly calling and asking if my meds have been sent. And they wonder why we sometimes horde our medicine. Anyway, this fiasco prompted me to use a local doctor whom I am very pleased with.

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  5. What pisses me off is that I have never popped on a drug test before, and last time I saw my doctor I even told her she could take me off of a couple of my meds, and she did so, but she also cut my prescription of Xanax IN HALF without telling me. Talk about unprofessional, and now I feel like a drug addict trying to get them back because I need them.
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  6. Well, inhalers and pseudoephedrine are pretty much no-brainers for amphetamine false-positives. But it blew my mind to learn that ranitidine (brand name: Zantac) has been known to cause them, too.
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  7. Positive for Amphetamines

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