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Thread: Will TRAMADOL show up as an opiate in a urine or blood test?

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    Default Will TRAMADOL show up as an opiate in a urine or blood test

    I think I am scheduled for a drug test - urine and possibly blood at my pain clinic on Apr. 11. Due to severe pain (included an ER visit b/c I couldn't move for days), I have ran out of my Oxycodone. I do not want them to test me and not find it in my system and think I am selling it nor do I want to tell them I had to take several more pills per day just to get out of the bed and function. I like my doctors at the pain clinic but I just could not help having to take a few extra pills. My husband has Tramadol for his shoulder injury and I am taking that. Will it show up as an opiate? Or will it simply show up as TRAMADOL? Please don't be disrespectful, I am respect all of you, please respect me and answer with TACT.

    Thank you!

  2. Tramadol is an artificial opiate and given as a pain killer for those who are suffering from opiate withdrawl.

    It will not show up as a positive on a drug test, so don't worry.

  3. yes,it will

  4. YES IT WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read this previous answer and I KNOW it does anyways.

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    To Cry Uncle YES YES YES Ultram DOES test posative for opiates cuz I failed My test at probation twice?
    failing a test at pobation is bad try two in a week and have ur probation officer not believe u I tested posative for opiates twice in a week and its cuz i take Ultram so Im headed for the bighouse and it was definately the ultram BEWARE
    5 months ago

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    Does Ultram cause a positive test for opiates?
    6 months ago
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    6 months ago

    Look at this horseshit. Who do I believe? Half the people are wrong here, but which half?
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    Ultram is an synthetic opioid analgesic. Although tramadol is not classified as a narcotic, it may become habit-forming, causing mental or physical dependence.
    I do believe it will cause a positive test result on a test.
    6 months ago
    RN-3 yrs

    AND it will take a lONG TIME TO GET THIS DRUG OUT OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the three days with regular opiates. It is two drugs in one and has a 9 hour half life. Ultram according to one of the formost subject on Tramadol on the Internet claims it can take 21 days to get out of you. This is a lousy drug. Type in Ultram Sucks on Google.

    BUT READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I still don't beleive it. It does work on a MI or M2 receptor as codiene does. But...........Does Tramadol test positive for Opiates / Morphine on a urine drug test?

    It is the general consensus of opinion in the drug testing community that Tramadol (otherwise known as Tramadol Hcl, Tramadol Hydrochloride, Ultram and Ultracet) does not cause a false positive test result for Opiates / Morphine on an on-site urine drug test.

    Tramadol is an opioid - which is a synthetic product that has psychoactive effects through its actions on Opiate receptors in the brain. However, the chemical structure of Tramadol is significantly different from the structure of free Morphine which is what Opiate drug tests are designed to screen for. Consequently, it is highly unlikely that Tramadol can cross-react with Opiate drug screening immunoassays - whether laboratory based or an on-site test.

    We have also been unable to find any references from peer reviewed journals or other authority websites claiming any instances of Tramadol causing a false positive. Normally, if a medication causes this problem there are numerous references to it.

    If you have any other questions regarding cross reacting medication, call Drug-Aware on 01332 232820 from the UK or +44 1332 232820 from overseas or contact us via email. Alternatively, post a comment on this blog!

    Don't take the chance! I was told by a bunch of people it does. Darvocet is a synthetic opiate and that shows up. Being synthetic has nothing to do with it.

  5. Default Tramadol in blood test

    Yes, Tramadol will show up as an opioid in your blood work, but if you have a script for it you should not have any problems. Unless you are abusing it and the levels are way to high for the dosage you have been given then you may have a problem depending on who you are dealing with. If you tell your doctor you are needing to take more to relieve your pain he may increase the dose or augment it with something else. I know this because my so called best friend, ex herion addict, drugged me to steal my Vicoden that I take at night for pain in my hips. I ended up in the hospital with no memory of anything and they asked about the opiates in my blood work obviously it was the tramadol because I hadnt needed to take the Vicoden for a few weeks. Luckily I didnt have them with me. I also told my doctor that I wasnt taking my tramadol during the day because the pain was worse at night and I saved it for before I went to bed. He was cool about it and just increased my dose and now taking it every six hours as prescribed has helped tremendously. If you are just honest and you dont exibit drug seeking behavior then you should be fine. Tell the people before you take your drug screen what you are on including vitamins, bring your script bottles to just to show them the truth.
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    Thank everybody for all your informative replies. They are very helpful.

  7. Tramadol is an atypical opioid. There is no way to say whether either or both of them will be positive in any particular drug-testing protocol without knowing what it is that they're testing for. Both will probably trigger a reaction if they are looking for opiates. Whether they will look like the same thing depends on the sensitivity of the test.The simplest answer is yes, they will show up.

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  8. Taking a medication that makes you sick, is not any fun at all. Esp because it was supposed to help with pain and instead increased it. Most of these Doctors are not listening at ALL when it comes to Ultram, Ultraset or Tramadol.

    Guaranteed ROI

  9. Tramadol is an artificial opiate and given as a pain killer for those who are suffering from opiate withdrawl.

    It will not show up as a positive on a drug test, so don't worry.

  10. Geez all the different answers! I have no scientific answers but I do have personal experience. I went into a drug test one time after specifically having ultram in my system, actually had several tabs even that day as well as daily leading up to test day (prescribed to me) I brought my bottle yet in the end I didn't need it.

    My test was negative. Of course, however, I'm not sure which specific drug test they gave me.

    For some of the posts above where one put copies of other posts stating Ultram made theirsturn, then maybe consider that person isn't being completely honest about what they were taking.

    I plan to actually call a lab tomorrow and just come out and ask specifically like I'm a mom needing to check my son who I suspect is on ultram or something like that.

    I've heard over and over it can't turn a test positive.

    One thing I really suspect is that if it REALLY turned tests positive then it would be ALL OVER THE NET saying it over and over. Don't ya think?

    I'll post back what that lab says later.

  11. Okay, well, take this or leave this:

    I called Labcorps National 1-800 number and pretended to be a small business owner interested in setting up employee drug testing. I specifically asked not only one but TWO people on the phone about Tramadol.

    Both answers were specific and matched. At least at THEIR lab, no, Tramadol is NOT detected in any drug panels, even the expanded opiate panel and drugs of abuse panels. Now, they CAN be detected but only if the prescriber specifically ADDS Tramadol to the list of things to test for.

    Its among a whole list of a la carte items that can get 'piggy backed' onto the standard tests for an extra fee.

    Now, the results above only speak for Labcorps labs and the testing I described. So, my advice would be to find out EXACTLY whats been ordered (get the order numbers if possible) then look it up on that labs website. Even do what I did and call the parent lab company if you have the nerves. Trust me, they are just employees at a company who get calls all day long with drug questions.

    So, hopefully that helps. But as with all things, you have to know eventually its going to be on every standard drug panel test, its only a matter of time. But hopefully a few years are left before it becomes so standard like that lol!

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    Default ultram

    ultram WILL NOT show up on a urine test. I was in a treatment center for 15 weeks. I was taking shit loads of ultram every other day. I was giving urine tests twice a week, and it never came up, so who ever tells you that it will show on a urine screen is lying, your friend, PRG...

  13. Thanks everyone for your replies and sharing your experiences.

  14. Tramadol? You might want to verify that with your physician.


  15. My wife just tested positive for it. She has not taken any. How is this possible? Is there anything else that can show up as Ultram without us knowing it? We are in a huge mess right now because of this.

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    Was the test specific for tramadol or for opiates? Oftentimes, when there is a positive result, they do confirmatory tests just to be able to check whether or not the test is positive.

    Errors have also been made as to specimen. When was the test done? You may want to be tested again.

    Hope this helps.

  17. Default Ultram

    Quote Originally Posted by pghkrymnl View Post
    ultram WILL NOT show up on a urine test. I was in a treatment center for 15 weeks. I was taking shit loads of ultram every other day. I was giving urine tests twice a week, and it never came up, so who ever tells you that it will show on a urine screen is lying, your friend, PRG...
    If you were in a treatment center were they giving you the Ultram to treat pain symptoms that you had? Where you taking the Ultram to get euphoric. Since your in a treatment center you should try give it a shot while your there to stay clean. Tramadol is a synthetic drug that works on the mu opiod receptor among others. It is generally given for moderate pain and is generally not abused. Most pts who actually abuse true opiates (Oxycodone, Morphine) dont find it appealing and at best feel that maybe takes the edge off
    Most places do a standard 7 or 12 panel drug test. 1) THC 2) Cocaine 3) Opiates 4) Oxycodone 5) Barbiturates 6) Benzodiazepines 7) Methamphetamine 8) PCP
    9) Methadone 10) Amphetamines 11) MDMA 12) Proxyphene. These are a majority of the drugs that would be tested for. HOwever if they feel necessary they can add basically any drug they would like if they have reason to look for it.
    If you have been prescribed a drug you have no reason to worry. Sometimes a Physician will test a patient to make sure they are taking the drugs that they are prescribed. Especially in patients who are taking drugs that are commonly abused. Docs want to make sure the patients are actually taking drugs and not selling them so they may test there patients to make sure that they are using them as prescribed.
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    Exclamation tramadol

    without a doubt.....yes

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    Tramadol has a half-life of only 6 to 7 hours. Sometimes it can give you a positive IF you are taking to much or have just taken it but normally it does not show up unless they are specifically looking for Tramadol. I know places out in California are testing for Soma specifically now too because they realize that Soma is being abused. But just don't take any Tramadol for about 12 hours before your drug test and you should be fine. Plus as I said most places don't check for Tramadol anyway.
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    I asked this before myself. It won't show up unless they're looking for it. It depends on the level of the test. If you have a prescription for it, online or not, then you're all set.

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