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Thread: Drinking alcohol while taking Amitriptyline

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    My doctor just prescribed me some Amitriptyline for head aches. She said not to take it with alcohol and I figured that's fine. But now I got it and it seems like an every day drug, not a take when ever you need it drug. On weekends I drink heavy, and also sometimes through out the week.

    What happens when you drink on Amitriptyline? Is it going to be bad? Because my not drinking is not an option, so should I even bother taking this drug?

    Also, what does Amitriptyline even do? I have no idea what this stuff is, they just gave it to me.

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    Drinking alcohol while taking Amitriptyline
  3. Amitriptyline is an antidepressant and those usually strengthen the effect of alcohol, or get you drunker. But it is also dangerous. The same enzymes that filter out the pills may also be the same enzymes that filter out alcohol. These enzymes may compete and will prolong and strengthen the effect of the amitryptyline. Amitryptyline specifically will make you more sedated or sleepy and less pain, when mixed with alcohol.

    So if you want to feel like your taking more pills of the ami... then drink with it but it can still be dangerous.
    More detailed information in the source VV.

  4. Are you an alcoholic or something?
    Not drinking is not an option, are you stupid? Take the pills and yourself to an AA meeting.

  5. Drinking alcohol while taking Amitriptyline

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