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Thread: How are antidepressants supposed to make you feel

  1. Default How are antidepressants supposed to make you feel

    I know this sounds obvious but i'm not sure what to expect.

    I've been taking citalopram for anxiety/depression for almost a month now and i'm not sure that there has been any change.

    I don't know how i should expect to feel. I was hoping i would feel like a new, happy, more confident person but i've noticed no major changes in my moods. Does this mean the dose is wrong or should i try different meds?
    I'm also seeing a councilor but find it quite hard to talk to her about things. I'm not sure exactly why i feel the way i do.

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    How are antidepressants supposed to make you feel
  3. It take a couple of months sometimes to feel the full effects..... it will just make you less depressed, it will not make a dramatic change in your personality.

  4. The drugs take about six weeks to work and what you should be feeling is a calmer less teary state. You need to use therapy to change the way you approach life to make changes in moods. And yes you may need your dose increased, or another drug added. It takes time to sort out.

    But you have to work WITH the drug to make it all work.

  5. Hi,

    Patients with anxiety and depression are more likely to feel activated after the consumption of antidepressants. Although antidepressants are generally well tolerated, they do have side effects. Patients may gain weight.

  6. All the anti-depressant have different strength and so the effects of this medicine varies from the medicine to medicine. People have to try many drugs when they are have been prescribed with the depression drug, until they get the one which suits the best.
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  7. Depression is about authentic as the activity of getting down or blue for abounding days. It is characterized by assiduous blurred of a persons mood. However, it is in fact a abundant added austere affliction than usually perceived because it involves the brain.
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  9. How are antidepressants supposed to make you feel

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