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Thread: Are you able to get high off of antidepressants?

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    Hello, my name is mason. I am a 15 year old male. I was recently put on an antidepressant called "Sertraline" Or something around there. I am still going through the "Side effect" or.. "Early stage".
    Well, since im going through the side effects. And it didnt mention this in the pan flit they gave me. Can anyone answer two questions?
    First, Can you get high off anti depressants? (I know what it feels like because my puller[Asthma] does it to me)
    Second, Can you become very tired, sleepy, and get random weird stomach aches from these pill?

    Thanks for your help and time.

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    Are you able to get high off of antidepressants?
  3. depressed are you? (Just asking cause Zoloft isn't great for under 18 year olds unless REALLY necessary.) Remember when you look at side effects, that the manufacturers need to report every single thing that anyone mentioned during clinical trials. And people's bodies are very different. That's why some people get a little restless and agitated while others get sleepy. I haven't heard too many people complain of stomach aches but I have heard people complain of diarrhea from Zoloft. Most frequently mentioned side effect though is decreased libido and inability to orgasm. I have heard a few people say they got a mild "buzz" off of it but I'm pretty sure they were former methamphetamine abusers who were kinding of looking for that type of "buzz" - like they were really tuned in to that type of feeling. But it's not something that people frequently mention.

  4. I stop using antidepressant drug,..because only my self can help me and also an advise to a professional doctor. I think taking this kind of drug can make you high but it doesn't mean its an side effect correct me if I'm wrong.

  5. Are you able to get high off of antidepressants?

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