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Thread: What can happen to a person who takes antidepressants when they aren't depressed?

  1. Default What can happen to a person who takes antidepressants when they aren't depressed

    If they weren't depressed before, will the meds make them depressed? Or since they aren't depressed, will they do nothing?

    Just wondering.
    It's just that I was prescribed anti-depressants, but I don't know if I'm depressed.

    Sad (but im not constantly crying)
    tired a lot (but sometimes im not)
    i have a lot of self-hatred
    sometimes im not hungry, but sometimes i over-eat
    i don't enjoy a lot of the things that I used to
    i have a short attention span now
    i get easily annoyed/irritated

  2. Well that's a different question. The reason for anti depressants is to build the serotonin in your brain, aka "happy juice". If someone who is not depressed, or has enough serotonin, took it I am not sure what that would do. I wouldn't think it would hurt but to be safe I wouldn't take it unless I had too. Trust me, if you don't have depression or you do and the symptoms are not that bad, the last thing you want to do is get mixed up in anti depressants. They are horrible! Unless you really need them.

  3. The side effects alone will make you depressed if you weren't before! Why anyone would want to feel nausea, diarhea/constipation, jitters, headache and diziness if they don't have to is beyond me!

  4. You are at risk for Serotonin syndrome which can be fatal.

  5. make you physically ill

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