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Thread: fentanyl and drug testing......

  1. Question fentanyl and drug testing......

    Hello all, i too am new to this site and have grown to love it as much if not more than DBs. I have a pre-employement test coming up and im wondering if fentanyl is detectable by these tests( i am not sure what kind of test it is 5-9-12 panel). I am a truck driver and i am regulated by the DOT so i am held to a different standard then normal, so regardless of me having a script the rules say that i am not able to be on any kind of narco at all to continue driving, but the problem is i have degenerative bone disease and i cannot be without them. I would appriciate any and all input on this matter. if anyone needs to know the employer is SWIFT.

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    fentanyl and drug testing......
  3. From a quick google search, I found a reference that seems to suggest a five panel is used for dot testing (Customer Testimonials). I believe fentanyl will not show on a five panel, but the only experience I have with drugs test is taking them (and occasionally failing them). Here is a list of what they are supposed to test for although the term "opiate metabolites" is very vague. Maybe you want to call up a lab and ask them? Hope this helps.

  4. I have a background in biology & chemistry, and I can tell you that fentanyl does NOT show up on 5-panel DOT drug tests. It is not chemically an opiate (it is a synthetic drug not derived from morphine), and requires a much more expensive GC/MS testing process. Even then, it is such a potent drug (i.e. so little by weight is needed) that it often fails to show up in urine.

    As someone with chronic pain, I share your frustration. Competence, not urine, should be tested to gauge mental clarity & driving ability. I drive far worse unmedicated - in fact, I am unable to drive at all because I'm in too much pain.
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  5. @fairnymph
    I never knew it was a synthetic NOT derived from morphine, which is kind of crazy. Always thought it was... I know oxy's are, but I've also never needed to take a pain pill as strong as fentanyl.

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    My first guess was that it would show up on a standard 5 panel test, however, since @fairnymph mentioned it was synthetic, there is a good chance that it will not show up. I know first hand that Suboxone does not show up on a standard drug test since it is a synthetic opiate.

    EDIT: I did a quick google search and it appears that @fairnymph provided some great information. If the test is just the standard 5/7 panel urine dip stick test, it appears you will be ok. However, Fentanyl is definitely detectable in urine and blood if the company uses a more expensive drug screen. It's probably best to be safe than sorry if at all possible, especially when it comes to your job.
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    Fentanyl does not even show on my UA at PM and I think it is designed to pick it up. I just don't think the test are good enough at this stage. They can do an expensive blood test for it. My thought is if you are dependent on opiates and need to pass a UA for employment screen, jump on patch for a week to 10 days prior to test and you should be cleared out and pass. Really the only method I can think of without putting yourself in withdrawals. You can always tell if you have a script. I, however, personally would not tell anyone what I was scripted even though legal just because if stigma.

    I take Fent and ambien and can test clean on any UAs.

  8. fentanyl and drug testing......

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