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Thread: A List of Pain Management Clinics in UTAH.

  1. Default A List of Pain Management Clinics in UTAH.

    Hi All,

    Some would have you believe that UTAH is the worst state in the
    US for pain management..... and YES they would be right

    So, for all of us in Utah, here is a list of clinics you might want
    to look into.. The list is most definitely incomplete, and I will
    work to update / finish it.

    ** I cannot recommend ANY of them myself (never been) but
    I hope it is a useful start for people in chronic pain. **

    Utah Valley Pain Management
    412 West 800 North
    Orem, UT 84057
    (801) 235-PAIN
    Utah Pain Management -
    Insurance : YES

    Utah Pain Specialists
    6321 S Redwood Rd. Suite 102
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84123
    801-685-PAIN (685-7246)
    Utah Pain Specialists
    Comments : Reviews claim that they see the doc once then the are passed off to a NP for simple RX refills.
    Insurance : YES

    Alta Pain Clinic
    11333 S. 1000 E. #102
    Sandy, Utah 84092,
    Utah Pain Management Clinic ? Chronic Pain Relief Doctors
    Insurance : YES

    Summit Pain Management Clinic
    5250 South 320 West
    Atrium Building, Suite 305
    Murray, Utah 84107
    Summit Pain Management-Multidisciplinary Pain Relief Center Murray Utah,Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Treatment
    Insurance : YES

    Utah Pain Treetment Centers
    999 East Pacific Drive
    American Fork, UT 84003
    Utah Pain Treatment Center | Pain Clinic - Pain Management
    Insurance : YES

    St. Mark’s Hospital Pain Center
    1250 East 3900 South, Ground Floor Suite 30
    Salt Lake City, UT 84124
    Home - St. Mark's Hospital
    Insurance : YES

    Utah Pain & Rehab
    1276 S. Wall Avenue
    Ogden, Utah 84404
    Tel: 801.337.4000
    Utah Pain&Rehab | Ogden Utah
    Comments: Our practice philosophy is about finding answers and solutions. We're not interested in masking or covering up your problem. Our goal is to solve your problem with natural healing techniques and effective pain management
    Insurance : ???

    University of Utah Health Care - Pain Management Center
    546 Chipeta Way Suite 220
    Salt Lake City, UT 84108
    801-581-7246, 801-581-6243
    University of Utah Health Care University of Utah Health Care - Pain Management Center
    Comments: Online RX Refill service.
    Comments: Approved Medicaid Pain Mngt Provider
    Insurance : YES

    Nexus Pain Care
    3585 North University Ave. Suite 150
    Provo, UT 84604
    (801) 356-6100
    Comments: Thier listed approach promotes reducion dependance of medication.
    Insurance : ???

    Intermountain Pain Center
    5770 S 250 E #335
    Murray, UT 84107
    (801) 314-4430

    Pain Research Institute
    266 East 3200 North
    Provo, UT 84604
    Pain Research Institute
    Comments: Drug FREE pain mgt.
    Insurance : No
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    A List of Pain Management Clinics in UTAH.
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    Nice contribution! I don't live in Utah, luckily I'm just east of there.

    It's a shame that Utah has yet to establish a medical marijuana program, same goes with the rest of the states that criminalize it! It can do wonders for pain.
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  4. Default Utah Pain Clinic

    Boy Amen! I've tried 2 Pain Clinics in Utah. One U of U I left in disgust when I twice overheard the staff trash talking the patients. The other dumped me when I took Meds too fast. They were nice enough to give me Ultram. My own dr said he did not want to treat my chronic pain. I would 't be on this site if I could get some real medical help. Do not use Utah Pain Clinic or U of U, I can't recommend either! Anyone in Utah have any place to recommend?

  5. So many people ruin it for people that need it in Utah some of us do not want surgery therefore have to mask the pain to get through physical therapy etc. and tell we can figure out what we need to do or actually go through with surgery. I need a referral to a doctor in Utah that will take on my chronic pain treatment as my doctor is retiring from chronic pain treatment.
    Can anybody refer me to a doctor who actually cares and won't just keep putting me on the wild goose chase? I've been with my doctor for two years and would like to be able to just take all of my records and give them to the doctor and continue where I left off any suggestions?

  6. Wish I could find a pain management clinic in Orlando that works on a sliding scale. I'd even take a pill mill at this point until I can afford surgery or physical therapy. Good luck though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vyudo View Post

    It's a shame that Utah has yet to establish a medical marijuana program
    That'll be the day. I doubt that you will live that long.

  8. Look in the Bountiful area. (Utah) Their is one of the best Pain clinics around. Dr. Jones i believe...
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  9. Try Omega Interventional Pain Clinic, they are located in the Salt Lake Area. I have been seeing them for 2 years. You have a feeling of comfort and they dont judge you, however they wont just prescribe medication, as with other pain clinics, on the initial visit the doctor will determine if you are a good canidate for opiod treatment, but after that its month to month refills and random drug testing. This is the only pain clinic I have ever used, so it could be that I dont know better but if you ask me, I think this clinic would be a solid choice.

  10. I know we're talking UTAH, but Does anyone know of a good PM doc in Ohio? Haven't had a good one since my last guy moved out of Ohio because the insurance was getting too expensive, and the LE folks dropping the hammer on PM docs.

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    @chazm, I don't think bumping a bunch of 2 and 3 year old threads is going to help.

    You've been here for 2 years, enough time to become a senior several times over. I'd start by slowing down, actually, and posting in a more planful manner. Just my 2 cents.
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  12. @lucyloo appreciate the feedback and you're correct. I'm just in a really desperate mood b/c I trusted someone I shouldn't have and now I'm paying the price. Not too mention my back is killing me. Thanks.
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    @chazm, you took the feedback really graciously. That's rare, and much appreciated. I get it, and hope that you can get what you need here.
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    Thank you for the post i no longer live there but spent most of my life in SLC!
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  15. A List of Pain Management Clinics in UTAH.

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