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Thread: what's the strongest product containing codeine you can buy without prescription in england

  1. Default what's the strongest product containing codeine you can buy without prescription in england

    any type of pills/syrup, whatever.

  2. the strongest are nuerafon plus and Feminax with 12.5 mg but is expensive. the ordinary nuerafon is cheaper but dosnt have any codiene in it so beware. the best value tho it only has 8.5 mg -is Boots own brand paracetamol and codeine tabs at 1.49 for 24 tabs. If you find any stronger let me know
    BTW solpadeine has only 8mg not 12.5.

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    I believe that the maximum non-prescription strength allowed OTC is 8mg of codeine. Pretty much all the paracetamol/codeine mixes have 8mg so don't buy the expensive brand names. I bought a pack of 24 tesco ones for about 3 times less than a branded version.

  4. What sort of pain are you suffering?

    I tend to use Ibuprofen more than codeine these days.

    It is highly effective under specific conditions. It is especially good as an anti-inflammatory and therefore eases muscle and other tissue injury discomfort.

  5. In England, codeine is found in common, over-the-counter preparations, including cough syrups, tension headache tablets, and treatments to stop diarrhoea.

    Just see how much the dose is and get reall nice feelin.

    Hope This helps!

    "Best answer" If you liked it!

  6. solphidiene contains 12.5mg of codeine. :-)

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