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Thread: What is the difference between Hydrocodone and Oxycodone

  1. Default What is the difference between Hydrocodone and Oxycodone

    and do they have anything to do with Hydrogen and Oxygen?
    I know what they are.

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    they are chemical cousins. I personally "graduated" from hydro to oxy as hip pain escalated. The oxy is stronger AND more addictive.

    oxycodone( usually 5mg) is an immediate release to the bloodstream form.

    oxycontin( Rush's favorite) is the same chemical put in a slow release form and comes in 10's 20's 40's 80's,and I even believe there 160 mg forms.

    Many( including me, chewed the 40's precribed, for a faster whatever...first for pain relief and then I realized there was no more pain( new hip all healed) but my body( not my head)

    WANTED them.

    I tried the recommended weaning, but it wasn't working well..I still kept chewing the slightly smaller doses..

    I decided to go cold's week three....the clonidine made me ill( extreme fatigue)...don't do it!

    I'm still feeling like ****( if you will forgive my French).

    I'm hoping i'll get back to "normal" in a few weks at most.

    Thank all of you for support!

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    no no no no. they are both pain killers.

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    Hi Rebecca
    The differences in the chemical names refers to differences in their molecular structures. They are both opiate pain killers but there are differences. Hydrocodone is changed by your body (metabolized) into hydromorphone, which is quite different in its effects than plain morphine. It makes you feel more 'high'.
    Oxycodone doesn't do this but because of the Oxycontin (time released concentrate that people sometimes crush), it has the bad reputation.
    'Lost' was taking much more Oxy when she chewed her time released pills.

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