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Thread: Can you take hydrocodone with motrin

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    and if you cant how much time in betwwen do you have to wait

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    Can you take hydrocodone with motrin
  3. For drug interaction questions it is best to ask your pharmacist. It only takes a one or two minute phone call and you will feel better knowing that the information you get is accurate and safe. If it is nighttime where you are (it is 12:20am where I am in Indiana) look in your phone book for a 24 hour pharmacist. Just ask exactly what you asked here and you will have an answer almost immediately. Good luck and it's very safe and responsible to ask before you take them together. I know so many people who don't ask and put themselves at risk all the time. My friend, Laura, didn't ask and she took the right doses of two different medications and was dead within 30 minutes of a drug interaction induced heart attack. She was 24 years old and her 4 year old daughter was left alone with her for 5 hours after she passed away until her boyfriend cam home and found her. She was face down in her bed with her little girl laying her head on her legs watching TV. It was such a senseless,heartbreaking situation that never should have happened and wouldn't have if only she would have asked if taking these two medications together was safe or not. Thirty seconds would have saved her life.....

  4. Yes, you can take ibprophen or Motrin with Vicodin or Hydrocodone. I believe the pills work really well together. You can take them together 4 to 6 hors as needed for pain.

  5. You can take it at the same time. You just have to be careful about Tylenol, which Hydrocodone is normally mixed with (it usually says Acetaminophen or APAP on the bottle). Also, whereas Hydrocodone is normally OK to take every 4-6 hours, motrin (or ibuprofen) is more like every 6-8 hours.

  6. When I got my wisdom teeth taken out I was on both. However, my doctor told me to take the motrin about 2 hours after taking the hydrocodone.

  7. Can you take hydrocodone with motrin

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