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Thread: Does Codeine Cough Syrup Make u High

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    I am a 27 year old 200lb Male.. I have been sick with a flu and the doc gave me cough syrup with codeine. I was wondering if I would be high tonight after taking it? I could use a nice little high after being sick lol... If So does how much does it take to make u feel a high? And is that dangerous?

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    Does Codeine Cough Syrup Make u High
  3. I would not listen to Bill..

    And yes you can get high off coedine. It usually takes about 200mg. I'm not sure how much is in each teaspoon/tablespoon whatever.. but yeah it usually takes that much.

    The ceiling dose is either 600 or 800 mg.

    Drinking grapefruit or taking benadryl will potentiate the high.

    Hope this helps

  4. No, it does not make you high, it just makes you a little wired and hyper, & sometimes you are not able to fall asleep because of it.

  5. boil it until it turns to a solid, cool, crush, and snort.

    There is VERY LITTLE codeine in cough syrup. If you want a narcotic high, get poppy seeds from the grocery store and make tea. Should be relatively easy to kill yourself with poppy seed tea, if you're not careful.

  6. Does Codeine Cough Syrup Make u High

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